7 Proven Foods For Conceiving A Boy (Part 2)


Avocado - 7 Proven Foods For Conceiving A Boy (Part 2)Avocado contains many important nutrients for conceiving a boy, includes potassium and vitamin A, B, C. Avocado pear can greatly provide calories, so avocado can certainly be a great fruit to add in the diet if you want to have a baby boy. But, you should not consume that fruit excessively because it contains high quantities of extra fat. Eating avocado in a long time can result in some excess weights.


Meat is additionally one of the foods that can increase the chances of conceiving a boy. So, put into the weekly meals some servings of beef steak and consume  large amounts of vitamin B6 and B12 as well as sodium, potassium and zinc.

However, limiting the consumption of steak is necessary. You should eat up to 2 or 3 servings a week. Additionally, avoid the combination of steak and high carbs foods because this will make the stomach harder to digest and cause some unpleasant feelings.


Broccoli - 7 Proven Foods For Conceiving A Boy (Part 2)Broccoli contains a high content of antioxidants that will improve the body’s immunity and make the organisms more healthy and so it can increase the pregnant rates. But, the ability to decrease the stomach’s acidity and make more alkaline environments is regarded as increase the possibilities of conceiving a boy.

The acidic environments always prevent the male sperm from surviving and fertilizing the egg, while the alkaline environments can facilitate the male sperm to move to ovaries. So, broccoli is ideal for your diets to get pregnant with a baby boy.


Tomato - 7 Proven Foods For Conceiving A Boy (Part 2)Tomatoes can not make an alkaline environment as the broccoli because they are sightly alkaline. The ability to enhance the chances of conceiving a boy comes from the high content of vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes contain high amounts of Vitamin B, E and potassium, which are known to enhance the lifetime of male sperm.

Therefore, if you need a diet plan to help you conceive a male baby, tomato can certainly be ideal. You can use tomatoes in both ways, ear raw or cooked, and just add them in your breakfast.


You can use some of these foods or all of them to your daily meals. But like other natural methods, they do not guarantee. So, just eat the foods that you like, or proper to you and feel relaxed because the relaxation also plays an important part in making you conceive.