How To Conceive A Girl Naturally

How To Conceive A Girl NaturallySince X sperm has the attribute like acid, the simplest method is that creates an acid environment before intercourse 2 hours by the vaginal douching with a harmless mild acid liquid to support and eliminate Y sperm.

* Your diet and Balancing PH

+ For a daughter pregnancy : need to support for sperm X, eliminating Y sperm, use a teaspoon of fresh lime juice mixed in 1 liter of water boiled.

For a daughter pregnancy, after period, everyday intercourse must be continued until 2 days before the time of ovulation then stop. No intercourse during the ovulation and nearly ovulation days, no need to reserve sperms. Besides, it needs to make your diet, method based on maternal age and month of conception according to the lunar calendar. Three above methods only help you for references, not yet confirmed, but the research is continuing.

Scientists’ studies have proposed that during two and a half months before conception the female should take diet to make the vaginal environment suitable for proprietary X sperm to conceive only girl.

Josept Stowkowski, French professor pediatrician whose researches in 1985 has paid attention to the relationships between the sex distribution and the metabolism of minerals. Through a series of studies, he made one diet to have a desired daughter. According to him, if you expect a daughter, then you should eat less salt and much dairy, this meant creating a strong acid vaginal environment for women.

* Getting Your Timing Right

The researches about human sperms by obstetrics Dr Laudrum B. Shetles at Colombia University (USA) in charge have found the following properties: X sperms move slower, but live long, Y sperms move faster but die sooner. He proposed a solution: because Y sperms take effect soon it can not wait, therefore, the couples make intercourse before ovulation will be for a girl.

* Choosing the Right Position

This character is also very important for a daughter pregnancy, before 3-4 days ovulation the couple only make intercourse once. Husband reserves semen for 7-10 days. Then the couple will fit for a healthy baby and in intercourse time, husband avoids movements stimulating to wife’s irregular ovulation.